Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Liberal Ads - and Where are the Dipper Ads?

Here's some of the new Liberal ads, most of them featuring a personalized I'm-one-of-you-folks Iggy:

Four good ads, but the one that I really felt had an impact was the one entitled "A Canada we can be proud of." This attacks those Conservatives ads head on in a manner that calls them out as what they plainly are: ridiculous statements that border on offensive a good portion of this country's citizens. Bravo, LPC HQ. Bravo.

On another subject, has anyone heard anything about those NDP ads? I don't know if they're running or not, because I haven't seen a single one running anywhere on my spectrum of about 200 channels (thank you Cogeco!). I don't know if its just bad timing or what, but are they even running these ads?

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