Monday, March 21, 2011

Michael Ignatieff - Badass

That's right - our dear debutante Liberal Leader is a bonafide badass. And I think we should run with it.

Stephen Harper can't claim he's fired an AK-47 with Kurd tribesmen, been watched by the RCMP as a possible subversive radical Communist-influenced youth, or been in the middle of a war zone or two. Ivory tower? Screw that, Michael Ignatieff is storming yo' towers. And he's coming for you. Rambo-style.

Really though, if you followed Iggy's career, he's had quite an interesting life, going places and being put into situations that many of us wouldn't even dream of putting ourselves in. With such a wealth of experience, it makes these attack ads even more incredulous; he's served not only this country, but all of our society by going into these areas to get right down to the heart of the issue. Be it the moral and societal consequences of the modern warfare we've seen play out first in the Gulf, then in Kosovo, which he documents so well in his book Virtual War, or the implications, both ethical and strategic, of ever-increasing bouts of local nationalism he went over in Blood and Belonging, or questioning the idea of modern nation building, the origin, structure, and weight of human rights, and many other subjects - he's done his fair share of enriching our lives and our philosophy. To be torn down for it in this petty political playground that Harper's created, it's just a real shame. He deserves a lot more respect than that.


  1. Goodness. I thought it was the Kurd tribesmen he was shooting the rifle with.Everybody in the 50 & 60's at University would never mention too much about peace or else...Country..terribly afraid of Communism , here, and in the US. I saw a picture of him with that rifle..Michael was a good looker in those days!

  2. I'm starting to get the impression that the over the topness of the attack ads are actually getting people to stand up for Ignatieff. How could anyone justify Harper's attack on Iggy's family? Even mafias leave the families alone.

  3. No anger because the RCMP was watching him, slandering his charactor? I doubt the RCMP even wrote that. My guess is this is just the Canada Press helping out with a free PR-personality boost.

  4. A Eliz,

    You're right, it was Kurd tribesmen! I'll have to change that.

    The Dude,

    That's true, or it was up until the last couple of decades. Funny how the same degeneration in the mafia's style has been repeated in politics.


    I would do that but I've already said my piece about RCMP tactics in the past, and generally have a pragmatic view of it. And yeah, way to see a conspiracy everywhere.

  5. Actually the RCMP probably do have a file on Mr. Harper as was reported just last week. Something to with being in the reform party.

    Those evvvvvvvvvil right wingers.