Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let me tell you who Helena Guergis is...

Helena Guergis is as interesting a case of politicians attempting to eat their own kind as you can find up here, much along the lines of Chuck Cadman or Bill Casey.

The MP for the Wasaga Beach/Collingwood/Simcoe County-based riding of Simcoe-Grey, you may remember Guergis as the former Minister for the Status of Women who, while frankly failing to do her job well, was accused of this and that, mostly because her husband Rahim Jaffer has been involved in some seriously questionable lobbyist issues. Eventually, Guergis was cleared of any wrongdoing by the RCMP, though questions remain.

Even so, it's clear so far that Guergis has far more integrity in her pinky finger than this government has in any part of it. With the revelation that top Con officials grilled her with meaningless and apparently debasing questions in the promise that she could join up with the Conservative caucus again, and then was apparently dropped again without reason, I feel something of a spark of sympathy for her. Lord knows I don't agree with her politics, but with all she went through - some of us on this side guilty of putting her through it - she's come out stronger and better than she was before. I'd even go as far to say that she deserves re-election.

There's a good chance that may happen as well. She seems to have some personal popularity in Simcoe-Grey, and even has some of the local mayors on her side, plus the fact that I doubt anyone really understands why she was kicked out of the Conservative caucus. She's not a terrible representative, relative in terms of being a Conservative rep anyways, and the Con nomination in the riding is an absolute farce, muddled beyond all belief with the arrival and backlash against Kellie Lietch, the parachute candidate sent by the folks at CPC HQ. The fact is, Mrs. Guergis may very well end up winning the riding again, and there's no one out there the Conservatives can blame except themselves - they, after all,  burned their own bridge.

As mentioned above, the Conservatives often do this. Be it the known cases of Chuck Cadman or Bill Casey, or the slightly less-known case of James Ford, the CPC has a special affinity for alienating allies. It may be the insular attitude of the PMO and party leadership, or maybe it's just the ideology, but let's just say that in this case, a very exceptional case at that, I'm rooting for Helena Guergis' side.


  1. I'm rooting for Helena Guergis' side.

    Yeah, eh? Where were you and all your fellow blogging travellers when the Liberals were crying for her head when she was Minister after Wayne Easter's BS about her behaviour at that airport, and all the BS regarding her husband?

    I hear all of these Liberal, who were bashing her coming out of the closet to say "awwww poor Helena, hard done by the big bad Harper Tories" when not that long they were all wondering why she was still in Cabinet.

    But it is like I always say - the word "hypocritical" used to be an adjective to describe "Liberal". Now both words are synonymous.

  2. I already said that we aren't exactly innocent of tactics that ran her name threw the mud - though to point out, many Liberals, MPs and bloggers alike, myself included, thought the treatment was more than a little harsh for Guergis. That being said, she was right to have been kicked out of cabinet - she was under investigation. Out of caucus, though? Especially after she was cleared? That doesn't make a lick of sense. She certainly doesn't deserve such treatment now.

    And her behavior at the airport was still ridiculous. I mean, really, who freaks out like that?

  3. We should feel no sympathy for Ms Guergis for the simple reason that she supported a government that had no interest in justice or the rule of law until she fell victim to the very tactics which she supported. The kind of treatment she has received was perfectly fine with her until it was her that was subjected to it. She is reaping what she sowed. I say REAP IT, Ms Guergis, REAP IT!

  4. Ah, but Kirby, eventually even the heathens see the light, no?

    I feel Guergis has worked towards trying to elevate her status above what it was as a regular Conbot, to now just an irregular Conbot. It's a mild improvement, and much better than anything else we have around here, especially in Ontario.