Friday, March 25, 2011

Just tell them what they want to hear, already

First off, I'm so glad this possibility didn't pan out. The NDP stood tall and now we're going for an election as soon as possible.

Secondly, Iggy really needs to stop ducking the question: will we form a coalition right away or no? It isn't a tough question.

I'm pretty sure of the answer, too: no, we won't. If Harper wins the most seats in this election but elections only a minority, I doubt the Liberals will move to topple him automatically. If Harper pulls another type of BS thing like he did during November of '08, then the option shouldn't be off the table. But at the outset, the choice of the Canadian electorate, even if indirect or a quirk of our parliamentary system, must be respected, meaning if the Conservatives come out the winners, they're the winners, until they give Parliament a reason to unite against them.

The longer we duck this question, the more we'll be hounded. I know what I'm saying on the campaign trail - does Iggy?


  1. He was incoherent today.
    Seems like it will not go away unless he addresses it. I think he is afraid.

  2. I think he's gotten bad advice or he's just not settled on what is right to say. It could be he just wants to keep his options open if such a scenario occurs that it would be advisable to run with a coalition - but that's just planning for the day pigs fly. He needs to stop pussyfooting around and nail our position, and I know he can, he's done it before.