Monday, March 21, 2011

In Defense of the CF-18 Deployment

Some folks have made something of an issue of Canada's CF-18 deployment to Libya, calling it several things, including imperial, illegal, and an election ploy.

The fact is, it's none of these things - it's a UN-mandated military action without occupying forces aimed at quelling Libyan Air Force strength used against civilians and rebel forces, as well as the target of strategic infrastructure that either represents a threat to coalition aircraft, or could be used by pro-Gaddafi forces to further attack civilians. It's essentially a police action, one that so far looks relatively successful at minimizing civilian casualties and hitting their intended targets. And to further the point, it's one that's welcome by the people we're attempting to help.

The best example this ends up being similar to is the similar no-fly zone set up during Milosevic's campaign of terror during the 1990's. While it certainly wasn't successful in preventing all massacres, notably Srebenica, it did prevent Serbian forces from using a very big advantage against forces and civilians that didn't have the ability to defend themselves against it in any great capacity. For all the lives lost during that war, think of how many more could have been killed without that intervention.

The people that attack this operation as just another imperial US action need to get their heads out of their asses. Really, no one in this world can essentially sneeze anymore without affecting something on the other side; our inter-connected world demands of us that when something like the massacres going on in Libya occur, we need to do something. Inaction is a form of action itself; and failing to act to prevent when we know we could do something about isn't the way to do things anymore. Yes, Libya isn't exactly something important to our national security, but to do nothing while this tyrant kills his own people, not to mention getting the chance to remove him without a full-scale invasion or on-the-ground boots. This uprising is moved by Libya's own people, sick and tired of abuse and neglect by Muammar Gaddafi; we're there to ensure that civilians are safe, and that the fight isn't over before it begins.

So thank you, Prime Minister. This is truly the right action. For all of us.

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  1. Kyle, with all due respect, have you the remotest idea what you're talking about? Your narrative is credible only if you don't allow facts, circumstances and context to get in the way.

    I'd like to invite you to take a look at my post today "Just What Have We Gotten Into?" and let me know if that changes your perspective in any way.