Saturday, March 19, 2011

The "Harper" Immigrant

Apparently, according to the Harper Government, you can't be an immigrant unless:

a) you're poor and destitute
b) you're under the statistical label "Very Ethnic"
c) you proclaim Jason Kenney king

In the continuing saga of showing just how much respect they have for Canadian immigrants, Harper's CPC war room released this lovely ad in response to Michael Ignatieff's video talking about how his father's family came over from Russia to start a new life.

Here's a fun hint to the folks running their war room: you're all idiots. A lot of the immigrants that come to our country aren't underprivileged and helpless. Part of my life I spent in Brampton where the majority of the families of my immigrant friends were a hell of a lot more privileged than most people I knew that weren't immigrants, including my immediate family - and they came over here because of that. Because their home countries either didn't offer them the opportunities needed, or because they wanted to start a new life somewhere else, better for their children, for various reasons. To attack Ignatieff's family, which is simply another one of this families, is not a smart move.

And what of your hilariously dumb web page, detailing Iggy's family history (while talking about how it's hypocritical for Iggy to run "personal" attack ads above)? The fact is, you can't stir up the acidic vitriol you need with facts. The last line spells out just how ineffective this page is because of internal contradictions:
While the Ignatieffs have made the most of their coming to Canada in their respective fields, they have never ceased to enjoy great privilege, as a function of the financial and educational resources and social status they brought with them, and which are theirs to this day.  The Ignatieff immigrant experience is one of significant wealth, first-rate educations and privilege. Very few Canadian families can claim this “immigrant experience.”
The fact is, you CPC guys can't even spin it around fully to suit your purposes. Iggy's family has worked hard to get to where they are - they didn't just show up and become as successful as they've ended up being in this country. You admit it yourselves. How can "very few" immigrants or Canadian families not claim that kind of experience? Wealth is not something that stays with you forever, you do have to work to keep it, and even when you have it to begin with, as you admitted yourselves, you don't exactly escape hardships all the time. This sort of statement fails to capture what you really want to say - that Ignatieff is just another elitist and we think all immigrants are poor people.

Iggy shouldn't have put it necessarily how he did in his video, I agree to that, because the Ignatieffs did start off with some advantage, while a lot of immigrants do not, and back then, especially a lot of immigrants didn't. However, that doesn't diminish the fact that these people didn't simply sit on their fannies all day and reap the rewards of simply existing - they worked hard, they provided and contributed to our country, and they're better off for doing it. That right there is the immigrant ethos we should be spreading, not attacking.

But leave it to the Conservatives and the Harper Government to attack immigrants once again. Looks like Jason Kenney's got a few more plaques to hand out to cover up this mess.


  1. First, Ignatieff isn't a Canadian. Now, his family isn't "immigrant" enough? Good Lord this is disgusting.

    The question posed "Child of Immigrants?" is perhaps the most outraging. The answer is obvious: yes. His parents immigrated to Canada, making him the child of... immigrants. What's the point of the question mark if not to try and intentionally mislead the public? The question, when read at face value, is rhetorical.

    It nearly makes me sick to my stomach that a spineless career politician like Harper is so easily accepted as an "everyman" while anyone with an accent or career that took them abroad are sneered at with disdain as elitist alien invaders.

    Someday these snakes will get their due.

  2. I would say the Ignatieffs and the Grants are two fine immigrant families who helped make this country for what it is, which Harper and clan do not like...They are utterly stupid as stupid gets and so egotistical and blind it is digusting.

  3. Hmmm. Wonder when the PMO-bots will also write a similar narrative of the _PM's_ grandfather's life... like how he disappeared under rather mysterious circumstances, to reassure us all about what good, solid stock _he's_ from.

  4. When do Iggy's kids show up in the comercials?

  5. When is Harper getting his Divorce ?

  6. ridenrain,

    What kind of question is that? Why do his children need to be featured? That's idiotic.

  7. Why is rumour mongering over Harper’s family acceptable yet Iggy’s first marriage is not?

  8. If we want to think way back to the start of this government, a great deal was made of Harper shaking his son’s hand. When was the last time Iggy shook his son’s hand?
    In fact, from his own words, he all but abandoned them.

  9. ridenrain,

    I won't tolerate that kind of BS in my comments. You don't see me speculating about Harper's family life and claiming "he abandoned them," and you know full well everything else you've said is BS. Keep it out of the family or don't bother commenting here. That's for A Eliz too.

  10. It's your blog and I respect your right to screen content.

  11. That's all I ask - you can say whatever else you want, just keep families out of it, even if your party can't. ;D