Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harper Government Falls

It hasn't even made it to the news websites yet, but Harper's government has finally fallen over the budget.

After giving some bits and pieces to those five key NDP demands, Dipper leader Jack Layton decided against supporting a lacklustre budget and fall in line with the Liberals and the Bloc in defeating the Harper government after 5 years in power, and just over 2 years since the last election.

I'm very happy about this. Very, very happy, to the point where I was yelling in the car outside of Tim Horton's as I listened on CBC Radio One. It's the best day of my life, which may be sad when you look at it in context, but whatever - this government will face a fight now, and I am more than happy to take that fight to them.


  1. Best wishes in the campaign, Volkov, but perhaps it would be wise to save your jubilation until after the votes are counted in May.

  2. Perhaps, and more than likely, you are right. E-Day 2011 may not have the outcome I want, and definitely then, I won't be very amused.

    But even so, I'm quite happy that I finally get another chance to show just how much I dislike this government through the best means I have available to me - my vote. And not only my vote, but the votes of others, people I hope to convince to vote the same way I will, for change, or better government.

    And while I've tried to do that through this blog and my chats with others I've met in my life, it's during the campaign that it can really have an impact. So I'm damn happy that this is happening. It's about time - Harper has a lot to answer for.