Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Shame, Tony Genco

Tony Genco, 2010 by-election candidate for the Liberals in Vaughan, has decided to jump ship and is now backing his former rival and the guy who edged him out as MP, Conservative Julian Fantino.

In an internal e-mail to supporters, he said Fantino is a "great Canadian" and he would not support the Liberals because, apparently, we've lost our way and somehow the Conservatives are this shining beacon of light in the world (lol).

That's fine. Tony can jump ship, but let it be known now that the man clearly has zero integrity. Just check out his Twitter account - either he was lying through his teeth, or he has to disown all of this. Now.

Why did Tony do it? I don't know; it's possible sour grapes due to him not getting the nomination in Vaughan again. That's probable. Maybe he really never was on our side but saw an easy path to victory - also probable. Maybe he's just a loser, another probability.

But whatever the reason, he's made his choices, and I respect that. Which is why I think we should be promoting the hell out of new Liberal candidate for the riding of Vaughan, Mario Ferri. Donate, volunteer, shout it from the rooftops - let's destroy the Fantino-Genco team and bring back good representation for the City of Vaughan.


  1. Genco is just reflecting a trend.
    Mario Ferri could not even get re elected to his own regional council seat.

  2. That's a non-point, Rotterdam. They're very different beasts, and I'd like to point out that even successful politicians can fall flat on their heads, whether or not they've won in the past - Cam Jackson, George Smitherman, Judy W-L, etc.

  3. I've just been informed that some of Genco's business dealings have been shady, apparently. Waiting for more info about this.

    It has to do with his time as head of Downsview Park. Something about federal information commissioner investigating refusals to release Genco's expenses and other files during his time as head of the agency.

    True or not, not sure if this is the kind of endorsement Fantino really needs.