Wednesday, March 9, 2011


From the CBC:

The government is in breach of privilege for not turning over detailed cost estimates for its anti-crime agenda, and one of its ministers may have misled MPs, House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken said Wednesday in a ruling that reasserted Parliament's authority.

Milliken ruled there was a "prima facie breach of privilege," in other words, enough evidence to send the two separate motions back to MPs to decide the next step in complaints the government is refusing to give financial information to the House and that International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda may have misled a Commons committee.

"There's no doubt the order to produce documents is not being fully complied with," Milliken said, in ruling on a point of privilege raised by Liberal MP Scott Brison. Brison had argued the government breached his parliamentary privilege by not handing over documents detailing the costs of its anti-crime initiatives.
The shit's going to hit the fan, folks - be prepared.


  1. I just wish the majority of people would smarten up, before it is too late for our Country. The big problem right now is a great mny don't care, because they say they like the way the Cons have looked after the economy, which is in fairly good shape because of the way the Liberals left it.

  2. I'm with Rob Silver; I think Steve will go to Rideau Hall and have the plug pulled himself sooner than later.

    He could tell the voters: "I really didn't wanna do it, but they (pointing at the Liberals) made me do it!!" Jane and Joe Six-Pack will eat this up with a spoon.

    Would certainly explain why all of a sudden Harper is available to attend the royal nuptuals April 29.