Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 2 of Election 2011: Majorities Already Predicted, Iggy Doomed, Layton there, and down?

Today is Sunday, March 27th - do you know who your local Liberal candidate is?

Mine will be Alyssa Brierley, a young, energetic lawyer from Burlington who will be nominated this afternoon at 2:30 PM. She'll join our current MP/paperweight Mike Wallace, NDP candidate and local conspiracy theorist David Laird, and Green candidate Martin Lavictoire, who I couldn't even begin to guess who or what he is.

Meanwhile, of those projection sites I mentioned a week or so back, 4 of them are prediction a Conservative majority of just barely 155 seats - Too Close to Call, Canadian Election Watch, Riding by riding, and DemocraticSpace. Of worthwhile mention is's current projections of 152 Con seats (thanks to Eric for the link on his site!). The end is nigh. Leger and Angus Reid polls just rubs it in.

Over at the Liberal camp, we lost our spiffy new plane - through no fault of our own, but still. That being said, Iggy is looking pumped for such a negative news cycle that began before he even woke up today. The kickoff in Outremont and Papineau was a good idea - offensive and defensive. Now, come visit Burlington.

And then we come to Jack, who says only Dippers can beat Conservatives in Edmonton - all the while his party is struggling in Alberta while the Liberals are in a solid second place. Furthermore, the next NDPer to complain about Iggy's calls for NDPers to come over, should remind themselves that just because Layton targeted it in a city, doesn't make it any less hypocritical.

Oh, and is down 505 "database error." Coincidence? Hmm.

Nevermind, it came back up!

Here's a couple of nice sites to visit while we wait for it to come back up because you know you want to:

The G&M's "Big Fifty"
H & K Election Predictor (mobile)
CBC Vote Compass (guess which party I'm closest to!)

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  1. Is Harper running legally after being found in contempt of parliament?