Monday, March 7, 2011

Canada's reputation on the rise

From the CBC:

Canada's reputation in the world is improving, despite some recent controversies, a new survey suggests.

On average, 57 per cent of respondents gave Canada a favourable evaluation this year, according to the survey of 27 countries conducted by GlobeScan for the BBC World Service. That's up five per cent from 2010.
Twelve per cent gave an unfavourable evaluation.

"It's restored a blip that we were actually rather worried about because once people start noticing you in a negative way, your reputation is a lot more easily lost than won," said Doug Miller, GlobeScan's founder.

... Some of the biggest positive shifts have been in nations with which Canada has a close relationship, according to the poll.

Eighty-two per cent of Americans view Canada in a good light, up 15 points from a year earlier. 

Seventy-eight per cent of respondents in the United Kingdom gave positive views, up 16 points, and 50 per cent viewed Canada positively in Mexico, up 13 per cent.
Now, it doesn't note that Harper is the reason why - it actually says such things as the G8/G20, and Vancouver 2010, are the more-than-likely causes. So lets not get ahead of ourselves, here.

But, when you put the brand "Canada" into people's heads, most are relatively happy to think about it. Which is why I'm starting to think these ads, including the ones attacking Iggy, may be a lot more effective than anything else the Conservatives can throw out there, including appeals over taxation. The simple fact is that we're pretty attached to our brand as a nation, and the more positive news we hear, the more we're inclined to give Harper and his government the benefit of the doubt.

And no, its not because we connect the idea of "Canada" with "Harper Conservatives," because anyone that tells you that is truly bullshitting you. But, when you have good stewardship, or the appearance of it anyways, you're kind of inclined to give them your vote if the other guys aren't giving off the same vibe (we aren't, btw). That's the single greatest reason why Harper will be elected next election, more than likely. Don't hold your breath on a majority, though.

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