Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just when you thought politics couldn't get any more macho:

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says he's open to a one-on-one debate with Michael Ignatieff, which prompted the Liberal leader to throw down the gauntlet on Twitter: "Any time, any place."

Ignatieff said he was looking forward to taking on Harper in the televised leaders' debates organized during each election campaign, but wanted a face-to-face showdown with the Conservative leader himself.

"A one-on-one debate will show Canadians the clear choice on May 2nd: the Harper regime or a Liberal government," Ignatieff said Wednesday on his official Twitter account.
"Any place, any time," eh? Well, that's good initiative, Iggy. Just a tad cheesy.

However, I would ask people to think for a second of how interesting such a debate/fight would be. Together, the two men who lead parties that have the ability to form a government should be in a class of their own; to tell Canadians that, hey, these guys are going to be your leaders, the others are generally just background noise.

You could have all-party debates to be sure, but I like the idea of a one-on-one. It's something different from the 4-or-5 talking head mashup we see with our regular debate cycle. I think the networks should explore this idea, let Canadians know what their real choices are.

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