Monday, March 14, 2011

Atlantis Found!

.... except it may not be as fantastic as some would claim it to be. From the CBC:

Scientists say they may have discovered the lost city of Atlantis buried deep under the marshlands of southern Spain

The legendary city is believed to have been "swallowed up by the sea," as the Greek philosopher Plato so famously put it 2,400 years ago.

He wrote of a great city destroyed by floodwaters following an earthquake deep under the sea — an image that resonates at a time when Japan is struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake and tsunami off its northwest coast.

A National Geographic television special that aired on Sunday details the work of American, Canadian and Spanish scientists as they attempt to prove Atlantis existed by following up on space satellite images showing unusual features in an area just north of Cadiz.
There was always a chance that Atlantic actually existed, though never in the form described by some "scholars," as I'll politely call them. Having a generally civilized society located north of Cadiz in Spain hit by a tsunami of some sort (expected in the earthquake-prone Mediterranean) would make sense. The refugees of Atlantic would of course flee and populate other regions, bringing along their tale. And a myth was born.

But just in case, if the aliens, angels, or whatever do come - I never doubted them for a minute.

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