Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a Day

Surprise, after surprise, after surprise.

To note, I'm actually not surprised Rocco Rossi signed up for the Hudak PCers. It's all about a question of who has more to offer him, and who was more desperate to offer him something: on both counts, that's the Ontario PCs. They're the supposed "government-in-waiting," but they definitely are facing an uphill battle, especially in Toronto, where Rossi will be running in the perennially close riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, which I'll discuss at a later date. Love Kinsella's post on it though.

Then comes another surprise-but-not-really, with Alberta Liberal leader David Swann resigning as party head. While I personally felt this was the wrong decision, Swann faced quite a few internal divisions and the fact that the Liberals were generally irrelevant in the greater scheme of Alberta politics, especially in the new PC-Wildrose fight. CalgaryGrit has a good post on Swann, one that I definitely agree with.

And, finally, the real surprise: the current US Ambassador to China, John Huntsman, is resigning to run in the Republican field of presidential candidates. While he's a Republican, Huntsman was appointed Ambassador back in 2009 after resigning from his post as Governor of Utah, and has been serving with Obama since. He's also fairly moderate and is a GOP you could get behind if you were a moderate/liberal that really didn't like Obama. However, his nomination is a total longshot especially with his co-operation with the Obama administration, which the Tea Party and conservative movements within the GOP aren't too fond off. Time will tell if he represents a threat, but keep an eye on him. After all, there is a precedent.

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