Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uglyfying the House

Don't let them do this to the HoC
Isn't that the most God-awful thing you've ever seen?

Well, they want to do it to Parliament. From the CBC:

The federal government has approved plans to build a magnificent $42-million glass dome on Parliament Hill as a new home for the House of Commons — a temporary one.

The Commons will be moved to the fancy new digs while the existing chamber on Parliament Hill is being renovated, a process expected to take about seven years.

MPs and their parliamentary seats will then be moved back to the current chamber, and the soaring glass dome renovated at further expense to house three parliamentary committee rooms.

The federal Public Works Department claims the project will cost $42 million, but won't say what is included in that amount.

A number of experts familiar with the project have told CBC News that the temporary glass-domed Commons will almost certainly end up costing Canadian taxpayers well over $100 million.
Not only will this "temporary home" for the House of Commons be a costly piece o' work that we're not even going to use for that long, it's going to be one ugly piece o' shit. I'm sorry, but the classical architecture of the Commons and Senate chambers is beautiful - this is just wrong.

I beg of you, I don't even care about the costs - don't do that to our Parliament. Please, please, don't. It isn't dignified. It's an ugly mess.


  1. As I have commented on other blogs, we need a fake lake in the courtyard.

  2. Brutal.

    Why can't it be "off site", down the street? They don't need to ruin the almost perfect geometry and feng shui of the Hill...

  3. Do what normal people do during renovations.... put up with it! Useless waste of political skin those Sorry Tories.

  4. Agreed @ all three. It's ridiculous, really.

  5. If it works out like the ROM did, they'll be charging you $25 to watch QP. Ugh.

  6. Haha. In all honesty they should be paying us to watch QP, not the other way around.

  7. It looks like Superman's Fortress of Solitude...or the Lonely PM's.