Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Senators Charged by Elections Canada

From the CBC:
Elections Canada has laid charges against the Conservative Party and four of its members, including two senators, over alleged violations of election spending rules.

CBC News has learned from Conservative sources the charges were laid Wednesday.

The charges, which were laid under the Canada Elections Act, are regulatory, not criminal, and relate to the so-called "in-and-out" campaign financing case from 2006.

Elections Canada has alleged that the Conservative Party broke the spending rules during that year's federal election campaign by improperly reporting $1.3 million in national advertising as an expense that was shared by 67 Conservative candidates.
In case you were wondering, that's Senator Doug Finley, a CPoC insider best known for this, and Senator Irving Gerstein, best known for this.

Well, now we've established that these two men, along with two other Conservative staffers, are being indicated in a million-dollar spending scandal, how long until you think the Prime Minister, the Conservative Senate leadership, and the rest of that bunch in Ottawa, get off their collective arses and dole out punishments, or at the very least prohibitive resolutions against these members until the charges are otherwise cleared?

The charges are not criminal, granted, but this is a far cry from being the kind of high morality and integrity that Harper's government wants to show. Given recent events, and his failure to respond then as well, will he be smart this time? Hm. Nevermind that its questionable judgment for Harper to have even appointed these men during the investigation, but let's not get into that...


  1. Maybe Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne can give them some pointers.

  2. You mean ex-Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne, who hasn't sat in caucus with the Liberals since June 2006? That Senator Lavigne?

    I'm sorry, but if you're going to simply lie here, don't bother commenting, OK?

  3. Funny how election laws seem to continually be a problem with Capt'n Ack-count-eh-billytee.... Finley's a lovely sort who'd throw his mother under a bus if it could get his happy meal super-sized.