Monday, February 7, 2011

Tim Hudak: The Man Who Will Change Nothing

BigCityLib's little exposé on Hudak's lack of substance and any sort of backbone aside from the willingness to say something but do another is just hilarious. I can't believe this guy is actually thought of as a "Premier-in-waiting."

I mean, consider this: Dalton McGuinty, for all his faults, has had the courage to bring forward unpopular and tough policies because he thought they were right for Ontario. This includes the HST, his green power drive, even the healthcare premiums. He's taken his hits for them and rightly so, as the Premier has made his own bed - but at least he was honest about his intentions, even if he ended up breaking promises, ones that were just dumb to say to begin with (Bush Sr. anyone?). No one can say McGuinty doesn't have a certain amount of chutzpah to do what he's done. Hell, he's taken on big pharma for us too. Let's just hope he returns to the entire sex ed issue again (though, honestly, I can understand the hesitation).

Not everything he's done has been smart, and let's not even get into eco fees. But Premier McGuinty has done a helluva lot for Ontarians, and if he has to be judged, and defeated, on those decisions, then I think there's no better way to go out.

Then we come to Mr. Hudak, who despite railing against all of it, won't do anything about it. He won't stop the HST, despite all his crooning over it. He won't tear up contracts with regards to green energy, despite his ranting about it. And those hated healthcare premiers? Better get used to them, Conservatives. He isn't doing anything except playing the populist, but in reality not doing anything worthwhile. It's just stupid stunts. How does anyone take this guy seriously?

I don't know. I don't even care, really. I'm just glad McGuinty has been my Premier for the past few years. I'll admit, I haven't always been sure about him, but that's changing. Hudak, the man who promises you everything but will change nothing, is not the right guy to lead this province. And I'm glad to knock door to door for the Ontario Liberals on that fact alone.


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  2. McGuinty didn't campaign on those unpopular policies. He relieved them after he was elected. No doubt Hudak will do the same if he is elected.

  3. I do remember McGuinty campaigning on the environment platform quite a bit, so, yeah...

    But, I doubt it. Hudak doesn't strike me as a man who would stick up for us, to be honest.

  4. Not that the healthcare premiums where about sticking up for Ontarians. It is a regressive tax designed to get around his foolish promise not to raise taxes.

    The GST is also regressive with much of the additional money raised going to corporate tax cuts.

  5. Mhm. Everything's a regressive tax to you, isn't it?

    Anyways, note I didn't say whether they were good things or not - I simply said Dalton did what he thought was best, and that's what he's done. Better than Hudak, or Horwath as far as I'm concerned.

  6. It's not my fault he keeps introducing taxes that require people with a lower income to pay a higher percentage then people with high income.

    I'm sure Hudak will do what he thinks is best, too, but for both Hudak and McGuinty we won't find out what this is until after the election.

  7. Once again, I disagree. I don't think Hudak, frankly, has much of backbone, populist or otherwise, to rely on. But, whatever.