Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Goodies

Ah, Sunday, that most glorious of days - what surprises have you brought to us?

Well, not a whole lot of surprises, to be sure. Indeed it's mostly stuff that anyone could have predicted, including myself, which all these things discussed below are things that, frankly, are not too out of whack for the world this week.

To start off, we have Christy Clark winning the BC Liberal leadership last night in a close third-ballot win against former minister Kevin Falcon. Clark doesn't have a seat in the legislature, and she doesn't have a lot of support among the caucus, but she led the entire way because of her tremendous grassroots and member advantages. Some aren't too impressed, and others wonder whether Clark will actually bring the "Liberal" back to BC. My prediction? She'll crush whoever wins this, especially if its either of these guys.

Moving on, remember that whole Irish election thing I talked about? It happened, and its taken over two days to tally all the votes, which still aren't done. Right now it's obvious that Fine Gael, led by Enda Kenny, is set to win the most seats with a current tally of 65 of 166 seats in the Dail (their Parliament). Labour, FG's traditional coalition partner, comes second with 35 seats (their most ever) but only 19.4% of the vote, which is actually below their previous high of 19.5%, though they only won 33 seats then. Then, of course, comes Fianna Fáil with only 17 elected, down from 77 before, to a drop of just over 24% in the popular vote. Sinn Féin, aka Ireland's Bloc, has their best result in modern history, with just under 10% and 13 seats. 17 other seats went to independents and small parties. There's about 20 seats left to come, expected to push FG over 70, and FF over 20. Not as bad as the PCs in 1993, but pretty freakin' bad. I'll be doing a better post on this later tonight.

Then, of course, we get the usual dribble from Angelo Persichilli, the Liberal Party's most misleading critic, who spells out doom for the Party during an election, and attempts to resurrect the specter of  Bob Rae coming back to lead the party to a glorious victory that apparently everyone wants, though no one seemed to ask me (I don't want Bob Rae leading the Liberals - can I get my vote counted please?). How he earns a paycheque still escapes me.

Finally, surprise, Canada's online pollsters, Abacus Data and Angus Reid, show a total, utter drubbing for the Liberals, after Ekos showed a bounce back from it. Hm. As the Irish would say, there's a bit of a health warning over these polls. Are they right, and Ekos wrong? We'll have to see. But guess which one I'm betting on, given their track records.


  1. "(I don't want Bob Rae leading the Liberals - can I get my vote counted please?)."

    No one had a vote about Ignatieff leading the party either ...

    which leads to one of the fundamental flaws of Persichilli's article ... there wasn't an "institutional mechanism" to drop Dion either, but it still happened.

  2. There's a difference there, however - Dion did technically retire of his own accord, and the only reason Iggy was appointed was because both Rae and Leblanc saw the state of things and dropped out, again of their own accord.

    Persichilli's whole idea here is that, essentially, Rae and the Lib caucus have been organizing the entire time behind Iggy's back without his knowledge to bring this apparent juggernaut down. It's utter BS, as is usual with Angelo.