Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some Interesting Nomination News

Thanks to the wonders of trolling Liblogs and Pundit's Guide at 5:30 am, there's some fun nominations going down across the country at the moment that should both impress, confound, and worry Liberals:

Mississauga South is an interesting melange of egos on the Conservative side, with 2008's Bramalea-Gore-Malton candidate and Jim Flaherty crony Stella Ambler being appointed over other candidates, specifically 2008's candidate Hugh Arrison and some others, who were planning a run, which in turn made them less than happy. This of course has just been the tip of the iceberg in regards to the infighting among the Cons in this riding, both federally and provincially. The Liberal Scarf has a good post on the history there.

Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, which had former CHCH news anchor Dan McLean as a candidate until he and the association apparently ground against each other, nominated former Flamborough City Councillor David Braden as their new candidate. How is this significant? It's near me, and he's one of only four candidates out of eight in the Halton-Hamilton region, which we could easily dominate, but for some reason, we can't get anything out of these days.

Dartmouth-Cole Harbour sees an interesting challenge to a sitting Liberal MP, specifically Michael Savage. The challenge comes from former provincial NDP leader Robert Chisolm, who nearly became Atlantic Canada's first Dipper Premier, but fell short. He was acclaimed in the riding, and this riding is already fairly close; the question remains, however, whether or not the NDP's tanking fortunes provincially and in Atlantic Canada in general will negate Chisolm's local popularity, or if he'll buck the trend.

Follow Pundit's Guide for some more nomination news. Good stuff - we seem to be getting quite a few candidates.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Volkov. That update was a whole lot of work, so I'm glad people are finding it useful!

  2. Oh, and did I imagine something or is Bruce Bowser still the Liberal candidate in Burlington?

  3. No problem it's my pleasure, your website is invaluable.

    And no, Bowser isn't the candidate anymore, he dropped out early 2010. We don't have a candidate yet, still searching. Not going so well.

    Don't forget that Marie Boutrigianni was acclaimed (or appointed) candidate in Hamilton Mountain. I dunno if you've got that info yet.

  4. I got her name, but am not clear on her status in terms of acclamation or appointment, or the date on which that became effective, which I need before I enter the name in the database.

    Will keep looking ... thanks for your help!

  5. This release refers to her "intention to run". I haven't found anything more definitive yet, Volkov, but am inquiring through official channels.


  6. Ah fair enough, though I doubt she'll be facing a contested nomination. The association is behind her 100%, and frankly, there's no one else in the area to challenge her.

  7. February 17 was the nomination date in Hamilton-Mountain, by the way.