Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rob Ford's Good Idea

Rob Ford is many things, to many people, and in the crowds I run in, most of them aren't good. But I'll say it here today: Rob Ford has actually managed to do something right.

Forget for a moment the failed budget cuts, the legacy projects, and the whackadoo decisions - Rob Ford's fight, with supporters among Toronto City Council, to declare the TTC an "essential service," is the absolute right direction for TTC users, and indeed the taxpayers of Toronto. And thankfully, it seems that, yes, by March it'll all have been set up. Dare I say it? Yes I do: the gravy train ends here.

I won't get into specific details, because any good GTA citizen will be aware of the many, drawn-out fights between the various city halls from Hamilton to Toronto to Oshawa, and their respective transit unions. It's ridiculous. It's one of the reasons I'm simply not a large fan of unions. Sure, they have their place and etc., but this is ridiculous. But more to the point, it's not even about that epic struggle of unions vs. governments; do you know how pissed off people really get? It simply isn't right that the money of taxpayers, who pour millions into city coffers every year, are held hostage by transit workers who, quite frankly, don't have a heck of a hard job to do, are paid a heck of a lot, and still somehow manage to give substandard service. Do you know how many people are dependent upon working transit for their livelihoods, for how they can get from A to B on very tight budgets? 'Course not, you get some nice well paying jobs, don't ya?

Now, all Ford and Council have to do is keep up the funding and services for the TTC, and we'll be all good. But they wouldn't do that. Right?


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