Saturday, February 5, 2011

Conservative Party Wuvs U

Have you seen the new Conservative ad yet? It's... interesting:

It's about a minute long, and the point is obvious: Harper's has gotten us through the recession, the world is a scary place, we have the lowest this and that in the G7/whatever (even though we have the highest this and that Canadian history), and any change of pace right now is just the wrong decision.

I'll tell you right now, it won't work. Not because the argument isn't sound and won't be believed by some people, because it certainly will - but because its just too damn drawn out. In the age of simplicity and the short attention span of the media and the average TV viewer, a minute-long video jumping from one thing to another doesn't really sum it up as easily as, say, "Not a Leader," or "Just Visiting," or "Elitist Harvard Dilettante." There's an overarching theme, but it isn't summed up in a very effective manner. Besides, I'm pretty sure Harper is not the best actor in the world. It looks strained. I'm sure the guy feels for the issues, but c'mon. No one is falling for the soft and cuddly Harper routine.

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