Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Canadian Politics is Slightly More Interesting Now

Aside from the saber-rattling going on right now between the Libs and Cons, a new Ekos poll shows that over half of Canadians wouldn't mind having an election in 2011, and indeed prefer it.

According to Ekos, a full 53% of respondents wanted an election before 2012, broken down as follows:

14% want one "as soon as possible" (7% of Con supporters, 15% Lib, 18% NDP, 20% Grn, 22% Bloc)

16% want one "in the next four months" (10% Con, 21% Lib, 21% NDP, 22% Grn, 20% Bloc)

22%want one "before the end of 2011" (18% Con, 28% Lib, 24% NDP, 23% Grn, 23% Bloc)

40% don't want one "until 2012" (60% Con, 30% Lib, 29% NDP, 29% Grn, 25% Bloc)

So that's 64% of Liberals wanting an election in 2011, or nearly two-thirds of the party's base that's ready to go for an election now and prove themselves. That's called confidence.

Then, on the other side, we see 60% of Conservatives don't want an election until 2012. That's why you have Harper and Baird out there saying they don't want an election and aren't actually campaigning... while they know full well everything is pointing to that.

So, who else doesn't think we're not going for an election this year?

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