Thursday, January 13, 2011

When no one cares anymore...

Remember that BC recall initiative launched by Bill Vander Zalm's anti-HST forces against Liberal MLA Ida Chong?

Yeah, neither do I.

Which is why the second and third such recall initiatives - this time against Liberal MLAs Terry Lake and Don McCrae - are so low on anyone's radar that it barely registered a mention in the news, being stuck somewhere in the lower reaches of various aggregate news sites. The fact that the first such initiative has proven to be so-far unsuccessful and unnoteworthy since the time it started, and now that the two main parties are embroiled in leadership races, means these recalls are sort of like... meh.

Add on to that fact that the entire reasoning behind the initiatives - to persuade the government to hold the HST referendum sooner rather than later, aka. a huge Vander Zalm hissy fit - may be completely redundant because all leadership contenders for the BC Liberals have promised to hold the referendum sooner than originally scheduled, as Vander Zalm wants.

So while these recall initiatives go on, they may end up forcing voters into a by-election created over the HST kerfuffle, after the HST referendum. Brilliant!...

In the meanwhile, the collective yawn in Bill-o's general direction will continue until the new leaders are picked. Hopefully, maybe after as well.

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