Thursday, January 6, 2011

Updated Update: BC leadership races gain new faces

(Update below )

Over on the West Coast, the leadership races for the two main parties - the BC Liberals and the BC NDP - have gained some new faces, while the BC NDP has started to lose some.

For the Liberals, there is a new candidate, an outsider who promises something new, something different, something from Parksville, BC. He's... the Mayne. (I tried)

Ed Mayne is the current mayor of the town of Parksville, 10K strong, which rests somewhere near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. He's now the sixth candidate in the race, and near as I can tell, no one is really sure who he is. He's apparently a Tim Hortons franchise owner and "designer," whatever that is. Kudos for putting his name forward, I just hope he thinks its worth it. Christy Clark is still the frontrunner, though as a side note, and as I predicted, she's not getting a huge amount of support from the Liberal caucus.

For the BC NDP, their second candidate has declared, and no, its not another pothead, though I suspect drugs may help when considering the job the NDP has before them. Nicholas Simons, part of the dozen or so MLAs that ousted Carole James, has officially thrown his name in. Simons, the MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast, has held several critic positions within the NDP, usually to do with some sort of social policy. Otherwise he's not very well known and wasn't on any of the "considered" lists for the polls so far done on the leadership races. If this is his only opponent, Larsen may have a chance.

But, with that good-ish news, there's some more bad news. Two potential candidates for the NDP's leadership, Vancouver MP Peter Julian and union man George Heyman, have both declined to run, basically the same day Simons decided he would. That's several high profile Dippers that have refused to run so far, including Jenny Kwan, Dawn Black, and Gregor Robertson. Methinks the NDP are facing a bit of a crisis right now. I still fully expect Mike Farnworth, Rob Fleming, and others to sign up, but time is running short.

For all those readers out there interested in the leadership races, I've added a new tag that you can find on the right-hand side of the blog here under "topics," that will encompass all posts I have on the goings on in BC right now. Hopefully this makes it a tad less confusing. It's easy to spot - "bc leadership."


Harry Lali joins the BC NDP's leadership race, as I expected he would. Too good of an opportunity, right? And when Lali enters the race, rightaway you're already loling."No one stands up for older white males."


  1. NDP leadership race:

    1. Pothead Dana Larsen now endorsed by Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame;

    2. Nick Simons who, according to NDP stalwart David Schreck, embarrassed himself on top-rated CKNW this morning, making Carole James look like a political superstar;

    3. Harry Lali, who's rallying call is to "Old White Men". He also said that ff "blood on NDP convention floor then so be it".

    You can't make this stuff up. I anticipate that both Farnworth and Dix will announce in the next two weeks (and perhaps Horgan) - but it will be too late to sign-up new memberships due to the January 16 cut-off date.

    On the Liberal side, high profile former BC CTV anchorwoman Pamela Martin is now part of Christy Clark's campaign.

    And I have no idea why a guy with a good gig as mayor in the beach-side town of Parksville would resign to run for the BC Lib leadership.

  2. Jonny Quest,

    Yeah, I have no idea why Mayne resigned either. Maybe this is a step forward to something bigger? Maybe he's using the Liberals as a stepping stone towards becoming an MLA. Or maybe he'll be Harper's next BC Senator. I don't know.

    And I heard about Simons' failure just a few minutes ago. You're right, you can't make this stuff up, just as you can't make up the fact that in the last Mustel poll, more NDPers wanted Carole James as their new leader.

    It's amazing that the Liberals, who where completely in the dumps just a short while ago, are now so organized and powerful. That's the BC politics I've heard about - resurrection, circus politics, and more!