Friday, January 28, 2011

Unanimous Consent

That these ads are the lowest of the low, according to these following fine folks:

The Globe and Mail (Jane Taber)
Warren Kinsella
The Toronto Star
Most sensible news media
Whoever made this brilliant video

These very fine Libloggers/Progressive Bloggers:
Calgary Grit
The Equivocator (Uranowski)
Montreal Simon

Including the following Blogging Tories members:
The Phantom Observer
Prairie Tory
Alberta Ardvark (sorta)

Well, I suppose I can't claim unanimous consent, since after all, there are apparently some Blogging Tories without a sense, including (no surprises here folks):

"Dr." Roy
Freedom is my Nationality
Christian Conservative

And I'm sure Kate over at SDA at some point.

Notable omissions of it (so far):
Quebecor media outlets
New Democrats

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