Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saudi Arabia capture Mossad agent

There are unconfirmed photos of the agent, who some refer to as "Vulture."

Or, in fact, the agent really is a vulture. Saudi Arabian officials "detained" a griffon vulture that was tagged by Tel Aviv University for purposes of tracking what I assume must be its migratory and flight patterns in the region. The Saudis claim the bird of prey was "spying" for Israel, and part of a Zionist plot to overthrow the Kingdom.

This, in conjunction with the clear evidence of Mossad agents dumping sharks off the coast of Egypt to, erm, eat tourists, is a sign that Israel is stepping up its spy activities against its neighbors. What's next? A camel with a transmitter in its hump? Scorpions that try to assassinate the President? Cats that stare uncomfortably at passersby? The possibilities are endless. As is this region's paranoia.

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