Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rob Ford's New Addition to the Gravy Train

Just when you think Rob Ford can't become more of a failure when compared to the standards he's set for himself, he offers up his new legacy project (starting now 'cause he knows he'll be a one-termer):

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford hopes to bring a National Football League franchise to the city.

Ford, well-known for coaching high school football, and his brother Coun. Doug Ford said four groups have approached city hall with hopes of bringing a team north.

The 32-team league currently only plays in the U.S., although Toronto's Rogers Centre has been home field for the Buffalo Bills for some games during the past two seasons.

Doug Ford said a new team would be good for the city's economy.

"How can we bring tourism to Toronto? How can we create jobs? Great fit would be an NFL team," Ford told CBC News.

Several fans who spoke with CBC News said they'd welcome the NFL, known for its exciting and hard-hitting play — even in Toronto's already crowded professional sports market.
 So the fiscally-conservative Ford and his sycophantic brother are planning on bringing the NFL to Toronto... what, exactly? Is this their plan to strengthen Toronto's economy? Football? 'Cause I don't see it. I thought our problems went a bit deeper than this. I thought spending unnecessary dough on legacy projects was the problem, not the solution. Don't even get me started on the feasibility issues, and how much conflict they'll have with the already established sports empires, especially the Argos.

Well, I suppose Toronto voted in who they thought was best....


  1. To the Author.

    Firstly......this is a private sector business project, NOT a public sector financial project.
    So, it's really nobody's business is it? It's not our tax dollars that will be spent on this.

    Secondly, why is every lefty so upset about a politician finally using his brains and NOT using OUR TAX DOLLARS to build something?

    We all paid for the useless, expensive Dome & Ontario Place. That you did not complain about? I would have preferred those monies had been spent building subways instead. Today, our traffic/commuter issue would NOT be an issue.

    If the private sector manages to pull this off, then we, the tax paying people will benefit in so many ways. The tourism business is a HUGE money maker. That would mean more jobs. More people working instead of being on welfare. They would be contributing with taxes. Which would lift the burden on the rest of us. It's a win win situation all the way around and it DID NOT COST US A DIME.

    So please, explain to me why you find a problem with this, other than just doing the usual lefty ranting, instead of realizing that you too will benefit from this plan.
    Are you & your family not tired of being drained of all your income to keep paying for things that the Liberal politicians dream up?
    I would think that ALL people would be happy about a leader that is dreaming up ways to bring monies into our coffers without us paying for the projects.

    Look at McGuinty and the 7 billion dollar windmill scam. Are you really happy about that? Instead of the windmill business paying out of their own pockets to set up a and I and the entire province of tax payers are paying for it. And you don't see the negative of this, but you criticize and name call the Ford's for coming up with ideas that don't use our tax dollars?????

    Please, take your blinders off. Think about what you are actually criticizing vs what you are supporting.

    Liberals = using tax payers monies to build projects and create jobs.
    Conservatives = encouraging private sector monies for projects & jobs, NOT tax payers monies.

    I strongly recommend you take a business course. Maybe then you will actually see how the real world works.

  2. 1. I happen to like windmills, so yes.

    2. Private-sector, my ass. The City of Toronto will always end up paying for it somehow, as costs start to overrun and promises start to be broken. Nevermind the fact that it's an initiative originating out of Ford's office. Do you honestly believe our tax dollars aren't going to be wasted on it? Really? 'Cause of all the times Ford hasn't wasted money? Pft.

    3. I don't mean to be rude, but you're quite the partisan little shit, aren't you? Expand your mind, friend, and maybe you'll realize several things: Liberals, small-l or big-L, don't like deficits and taxation as much as you seem to. Even I, who clearly is a Liberal, realizes how we can all work together to try and slay the deficit. Hell, I'd welcome initiatives from Conservative circles if they bothered to offer anything that wasn't a poison pill or a waste of time.

    4. And another thing, if you want to see the end result of the type of Rob Ford's fiscal prudence, try looking up how badly former PC Minister Cam Jackson and our conservative-leaning council fucked up my city, and how badly he was crushed by a Green Party member! My God, conservatives voting for someone who isn't conservative but who they know will get the job done - quel'horreur! That must surely be a surprise to you, eh?

    5. I have no blinders, thank you, because I see what I'm criticizing: an attempt at a legacy project by Ford's new administration that will ultimately fail and cost us money as it always does. I mean, my God, you don't get any more obvious about how City Hall will waste their time and resources on this project when you send out Doug Ford to talk about how it's essentially Toronto's new stimulus plan.

    6. THE CONSERVATIVES ARE IN CHARGE RIGHT NOW YOU BLOODY IDIOT. They're costing us billions federally, they cost us billions provincially, and they're going to cost us more municipally. So next time you strut around talking about how those ebil Liberal socialists (like you know the meaning the of the word) are "draining our incomes," stop to think for a minute who it is in charge right now, and then stuff your foot right in your mouth. Thank you.

  3. CheeMiss = Paid Ford Troll and paid for by the condo developers.