Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rob Ford already hitting that brick wall

Didn't take long, of course:
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's edict that all city departments cut their 2011 budgets by five per cent doesn't appear to be working.

The annual budget procees begins on Monday, and a number of departments say they need more money — not less — in the coming year.

On Wednesday, police Chief Bill Blair said he couldn't accommodate the cut — and asked the police services board to increase the force's budget by a further three per cent.

On Thursday night, the Toronto Public Library Board voted in favour of a 2.6 per cent budget increase.

It also voted to keep the downtown Urban Affairs library open, in spite of speculation that it would recommend its closure. The board also voted to reduce its library collections budget.

Those votes followed a decision earlier Thursday by Toronto Public Health and the Board of Health to also ask for an increase of 1.5 per cent.

If anyone thought that it would be easy for him to convince all of Toronto's various municipal services to do as he says just because of the shear weight of his office (no pun intended, seriously), they're probably very surprised right now. He'll have a very tough time trying to do anything with the civil services so lined up against his wishes, not that he's necessarily wrong about what he wants to do, though anyone with a sense knows that across the board cuts don't work. But who said Ford was known for his sense?

But it doesn't really matter, of course - those that voted for him will probably like it, if Ford continues on the whiny they-don't-do-what-I-say line. If the name of the game is preserving your base, Ford will be able to do it. But he won't change a damn thing until he, and Council for that matter, buckle down and work out something smart together.


  1. If it were easy, then a Liberal would have been voted in and not a Conservative! lololol

    The bloated gov't is just like a spoiled kid that wants more candy, even tho he has a Halloween stash.

    Give the man time, he WILL get those costs and we should all be supporting him bcos it's our monies they are taking away in the form of taxes to pay gov't employees more that people get in the private sector.

    Enough already! I would love to start reading stuff supporting these types of necessary cuts and not picking on anyone trying to accomplish them without cutting our services. There is a lot of things that can be done without people loosing their jobs. It's going to take is a special outside task force to go in an analyze just how departments are run.
    I worked for the gov't back in the 70's and on my 1st day on the job, I was told not to look out the window in the morning. Being young and naive, I thought that they were serious task masters. After the laughter died down, I asked why? They said bcos you won't have anything to do in the afternoon. lololol
    And in the completely 2 different departments I worked in, even tho we did NOT have enough work to do, when budget time came around, we got more people. None of us knew how to keep dying from boredom day in and day out.

    So yes, there are ways to trim the budgets, believe me there are!
    We really do need a break in our taxes, especially now that McGuinty's high priced, useless green energy, is going to break our banks for good!

  2. Well, for most of that, I won't even go there. As you can see, this blog is the type to support McGuinty's high priced, useless green energy.

    But you bring up fair enough points. Maybe there should be some sort of independent agency to go into the municipality's finances and find out what is going where. And yes, even I agree that the Toronto civil services are bloated and need some major trimming - but Rob Ford is not going to do them by himself. He needs consensus, and he needs sensibility, and he won't provide any of those, sad to say. What will happen is that Ford, Council and the civil service will bash each other without moving at all, no co-operation will occur, and in the end, its all for not. That is the problem with Ford, same as it was the problem with Harris; they simply want to be bullies, when they don't realize that they can't. Not in today's bureaucracy. What it takes is consensus, with maybe a little heavy handedness, but a general spirit of we're all buckling down together - much like what Chretien and Martin managed. You can't tell me they didn't accomplish a hell of a lot more than what Harris did or what Ford ever will, because it simply isn't true.

    This is, frankly, why Smitherman should have been elected, if what the people of Toronto want is someone to control spending. Ford is all bluster, and Council doesn't want to work with him; at the very least Smitherman wanted to do something, and Council would have worked with hi,.