Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is that momentum? Well, maybe

Iggy's Winter Tour announcement today is simply brilliant. As CalgaryGrit pointed out, the entire campaign, asking Canadians whether they're better off under 5 years of Stephen Harper, is tailored not to a necessarily pan-Canadian base, but to individual voters who are still struggling despite how much Harper has tooted his own horn in the past while.

Will this give Ignatieff much-needed momentum? Well, possibly, but maybe not probably. While I believe it will certainly prove something to Canadians and pundits, it may not help Iggy's image problem. However if the themes of this mini-campaign can be fleshed out, if we can get some energy going in the 20 ridings he's visiting - the list below - then his job will be done. All Ignatieff really needs to prove is that the Liberals have a campaign theme that will gain them some traction, and that Iggy himself can make it work, despite his rather sad popularity/unpopularity numbers.

Anyways, here's Iggy itinerary - I'll be at the Hamilton event, so if you're around, look me up.


  1. I agree. There is a game plan here, which is most encouraging. Stealing some of the CONs tactics while unveiling them in a more open, honest manner could add up to votes down the road. The leader being out and about, meeting people and showing an accessibility will never hurt either.
    As to his popularity numbers, half of those are driven by the CONs republican attack ads. I don't know of many examples where an Ali-like rope-a-dope defence can outlast that, but who knows? Harper has grafted a less-than trustworthy stench to himself (we have to keep reminding people that he's a successful plagarist) so that's got to be put to our advantage, too. But look at the mainstream press, even today Harper's waving the ol' fake 'coalition' ugly stick about and some in the media snap it up. I guess they forget that the senate only has so many seats to fill...

  2. Hehe, that last part is more accurate than you think. They're not all Mike Duffy's, you know.