Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introducing your Calgary Centre-North Liberal candidate...

Stephen J. Randall, who, I hate to say it, hasn't a chance against against Michelle Rempel, the Conservative candidate, based solely on this. And don't deny it.

But in seriousness, Mr. Randall is a pretty good catch for the Liberals in Calgary. While I personally have troubles seeing his website (it may not just be me, but you can also visit the riding association's page), a simple Google search nets you an easy find. Randall is a university professor as the U of Calgary's Latin American Research Centre, dealing with issues on foreign affairs and the like, and has a pretty good pedigree, including authoring quite a few books on subjects relating from America's oil policy to NAFTA to US-Colombia relations, some I may just have to grab if I can find them. He's the classic Iggy-type candidate, with strong roots in academia, a powerful voice on foreign policy issues, and (gasp!) he's worked out of country, while still maintaining strong ties. I have yet to see Rempel's bio, but I doubt its as fleshed out as that (no pun intended).

Fun fact, as well: both candidates were either acclaimed and/or appointed. That tells you a lot about the interest being placed in the battle here.


  1. I had problems seeing his website at first too. Try