Monday, January 17, 2011

Iggy @ Hamilton Mountain: The New Dynasty

I just got back from a wonderful event with Michael Ignatieff and a bunch of candidates and fellow Liberals at the Carpenters Union Hall in Hamilton Mountain, where Iggy introduced new candidate (and former provincial cabinet minister) Marie Bountrogianni and gave a rousing speech in front of about 170 to 200 Liberals about the Liberal vision of a compassionate Canada, versus Harper's control and dominate vision. Here's some pictures below taken from my Blackberry (sorry for the quality!), which I hope to update with more later on taken from a real camera.

 An interesting question posed was whether Ms. Bountrogianni would create a new "Hamilton Liberal dynasty," much along the lines of what Sheila Copps or John C. Munro represented. To note, Ms. Bountrogianni has a huge vote deficit to overcome in Hamilton Mountain, needing about 12,000 votes to surpass current NDP MP Chris Charlton, who is relatively popular in the riding, probably about on par with Bountrogianni herself. It means it'll be the battle of titans, and what happens in one part of Hamilton generally means other parts will be affected as well; so it means that other candidates, like Hamilton East-Stoney Creek candidate Michelle Stockwell, will probably ride the coattails. So it is very possible a new dynasty can be created, but we'll see I suppose. All I know is that she's a great candidate, and a fighter for Hamiltonian's needs and concerns. She will make an amazing MP, and probably an amazing cabinet minister as well.

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