Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Harper Shuffle 2011

One of the benefits of being up at 1 am means you get to see all the early news stories coming out. I managed to hit pay dirt with CBC's announcement that Harper is going to shuffle his cabinet later on today, an apparently "strange" fact given that Harper is "happy with his cabinet." 'Cause its not like his party has lost two major players and didn't pick up a cabinet-material MP recently or anything, you know.

My guess is this is what will happen today/tomorrow:

Julian Fantino becomes Minister of Public Safety, replacing Vic Toews.

Vic Toews becomes Minister of Labour, replacing Lisa Raitt.

Lisa Raitt becomes nothing.

I don't see who else they could change. Probably they'll take Environment away from John Baird, who has his hands full as the Government House Leader. Raitt might get that. Dear God, could you imagine?

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  1. bahahaha one should not get up at 1 am and check the news