Monday, January 3, 2011

Dana Larsen: BC's Next Premier... bahaha

Would you like this man running the BC New Democrats

Dana Larsen, who was the NDP's candidate in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country in 2008 but was promptly dropped after the above controversy ensued, has put his name forward to be the next leader of the BC NDP. Larsen, who is the former leader of the BC Marijuana Party (not when it was successful, mind you), is a well known pot activist who joined the NDP several years ago.

But that doesn't stop BC NDP President Moe Sihota from trying to block Larsen's candidacy. Claiming that Larsen's membership has lapsed, Sihota seems pretty intent on ensuring that he won't be running in the leadership contest, whether or not the membership issue is true. But much like the Tea Party movement down south, Larsen's army of pot activists will ensure that enough pressure will be placed on Sihota to allow him in. But its very doubtful that he'll ever gain enough votes to manage a win. Not that it matters - the man just wants a platform. Unfortunately for the NDP, he's chosen their leadership race to be that platform.

And before anyone starts to think that Larsen has a chance in either the race or in a general election, just remember that no matter how lenient your population is towards pot, the modern electorate means that the older generation will still outvote you no matter what.


  1. The older generation is using medical pot in increasing numbers. Look for Dana to score big around 2020.

  2. I doubt it. Record numbers or not, there's not enough older gens smoking to put Larsen anywhere near the top, especially given how one-issue the concern really is.

  3. The NDP was founded by farmers, and currently assumes the mantle of the voice of the powerless and oppressed minorities, those who fear a police state, the ecologically minded and the small businessperson. Marijuana relegalization will have a real, profound effect on all of those issues - more so than the superficial reforms currently suggested by Larsen's competition - so it's misleading to call it a "one-issue" concern.