Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog stats December

In December my humble little blog as a tad slower than usual, because of the holidays for myself and for everyone else. But, still, it was a good month, and I think I've done quite well considering.

As you can see, despite a big drop in views (mostly because I didn't have a repeat of Small Dead Animal's linkage), I did maintain about an equal share of unique visitors. Which is strange, considering that in October of 2010, I had about the same amount of pageviews, but less visitors; though, then again, that 1,900 is estimated only, because I didn't have Google Analytics installed before then, so I could have been wrong. Then again, according to Analytics, for the month of December, 43% of all visitors were new to the site. So who knows.

According to Analytics, 73% of all traffic came from referring URLs, the majority of which was, and then ProgBlogs, and I've also gotten a few hits off of Twitter, thanks to some tweets of my posts from other bloggers, and of course ProgBlog's automatic Twitter feed. 19% came from search engines, and 9% came from direct traffic. Not too bad.

As for other changes to the site, you'll obviously notice the pie chart to the site, which simply shows the most recent poll out in Canadian politics. I've also added my new Twitter feed, though don't expect a lot out of it. Finally, there's the new colour scheme, which I hope people like, but I'm not married to. Give me a shout if you want to see something else.

Once again, thanks to everyone who visits my blog, and I hope I've made it worth your while. I'm glad to have so many people comment, and I look forward to a fun new year, full of wondrous political fortunes and misgivings!

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