Sunday, January 16, 2011

Around the world in 100 words or less

- Ireland's ruling political party, Fianna Fail, is totally failing, and the current PM may resign in the next hour or so

- The French far-right party, Front National, proves itself to be partial to monarchies by annointing the former leader's daughter as the new leader

- The vote in South Sudan is going well, surprisingly well

- Lord Owen, who broke off from the UK's Labour Party years ago because it was moving to the mainstream of political reality, is now considering endorsing Ed Milliband's Labour Party, thereby proving me right

- Tunisia gets a new interim President after throwing the old one out over food

Well, 108 words then.


  1. I missed a former episode. About what does Lord Owen's move prove you correct?

    Personally I think it is an excellent sign that the Labour party might be waking up to find its roots. All party, including yours, have moved so far right in the past generation that they are hardly recognizable to me, and as Western nation wallow in the worst excesses of Capitalism, it is about time we shifted back to real social democracy. Maybe the Labour Party can lead the way.

  2. You pointed out my error - now it's linked! xD

    And I suppose you could say that. I still think it'll backfire in their faces, poll lead or not. There's a reason why Blair was successful you know.

  3. I lived in England from 1990 to 1997, and left a few months after Blair was elected (and even got to vote in Brighton where the Labour Candidate won for the first time in a generation). Blair's success, as all political successes, was topical, that is to say localized to time and place. And I knew dozens of people who quit the Labour party specifically because of Blair and his turn to the right. Tens of thousands more left after he showed his true hand as PM. The pendulum swings and as the worst excesses of Capitalism become obvious, it will swing again.

  4. I'll take you at your word for it, Kirby.