Sunday, December 5, 2010


Wikileaks is about to learn what it means when the shit hits the fan.

Releasing embarrassing US diplomatic documents is one thing, releasing secret internal memos of the Chinese Politburo is another. The former won't set about hitmen after you; the latter may very well do that as its first course of action.

Just imagine if Wikileaks started releasing Kremlin documents. Julian Assange will have a lot more than Flanagan's sarcastic, if stupid, words to worry about. I wouldn't drink anything unattended for awhile, Julian. Don't suppose you've ever heard the name Anna Politkovskaya?

I don't mind WikiLeaks as an organization, nor what they do, because its not illegal and, hey, whistleblowers are good. But, they're putting their own lives into their hands with this, and I mean that literally. Legally, no one might be able to touch you, at least in the Western world, unless you are that actual source. But, step outside of Switzerland and into China or Russia, and some of you folks will not be happy to find out the state of the legal systems there. It's a dangerous business. Some might say it's needed, but frankly, I don't know if I could ever take such a risk.


  1. What, in the remarkable history of US espionnage makes you think the the United States wouldn't send hitmen after Julian Assange? You can't possibly be serious.

  2. "The former won't set about hitmen after you"

    Don't underestimate the CIA.

  3. I'm not sure how into LeCarre novels you two are, but the CIA is not exactly its old, 1960's self, when it ran relatively free of any oversight, and had somewhat of a purpose.

    Besides, embarrassing diplomatic messages over known American arrogance, versus total proof of the Chinese Politburo's involvement in the harassment of Google, specifically over a certain member, which, while not news to those that watch China, is damning nonetheless - which is assassination worthy?