Monday, December 6, 2010

Spinning around so fast you get dizzy

That's the easiest way to describe a quote from some anonymous Conservative in a Hill Times article.
It appears that despite allegations the Conservatives put up Ms. Javier to draw votes from the Liberals, the opposite was the case—Prime Minister Harper and the Conservatives wanted Mr. Lamoureux to win

Party insiders say there is one main reason: They want Mr. Ignatieff to be leading the Liberal Party into the next general election. Mr. Ignatieff has the lowest personal voter support ratings on the federal scene, perhaps since Brian Mulroney, although not for the same reasons, and he has been unable to bring the party's support above the 30-per-cent threshold in public opinion polls

Critics say he has no political instincts and makes mistakes. For example, last week he got the Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette riding wrong when he was addressing his caucus

"If they lost all three, the knives would have been out," the Conservative said. Another told The Hill Times in an earlier interview after the byelections: "We're happy Iggy is staying."
If someone told you that the Conservatives ran a bad candidate in Winnipeg North in order to keep up Iggy's leadership momentum because they want the guy to stay because he has such bad leadership momentum, and that this was the plan the entire time, because they somehow knew this fairly surprise result would occur, would you call them paranoid, crazy, stupid, or trying to save face. How about all of the above?

It's kind of like a child breaking a vase because he was running, getting in trouble, then saying "I meant to break the vase because I wanted to get in trouble so you could punish me for running."

Seriously, if that was the master plan, it's one that, unless Conservatives have the ability to look into the future, isn't based on solid reasoning. If at the time they knew Lamoureux was going to be able to grab that much support, when not a single other person thought he could, then they're brilliant strategists and we're all doomed next election. However, one has to ask, why would they assume giving us Liberals something to cheer about, rather than leaving us to effectively crumble into dust as we quarrel amongst eachother, would be a good idea?

After all, since the Chretien era we've essentially been splitting ourselves into ever more splintered factions, coming together only tentatively under Dion because we hadn't a choice. It nearly hit the fan after September 2009's by-elections, and that's when Iggy was at his weakest. Conservatives reaped the benefits then. Now, Winnipeg North gives us some motivation, something to hope for, even as we lost Vaughan. Is the Conservative master plan to destroy the Liberal Party of Canada involve giving us hope? Is our doom to come at the hands of warm and fuzzy feelings? Heck, maybe the next great plan is to have Harper call Ignatieff "a smart, motivated man who knows what he's doing." That'll show those Liberals who they're messing with!

Also, Ignatieff is still polling better than Dion in leadership ratings, so either the Hill Times doesn't do their research (likely), or the media just likes to pick on Iggy (also likely). "Liberal media" my ass.

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