Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rob Ford: From populist to elitist in just a few hours

From today's CBC article on Ford's swearing-in ceremony:
Ford wants to kill Transit City, a $8.15-billion plan to build four light-rail lines that is almost entirely funded by the province, and extend the subway east instead.

But the province has made it clear that while they're willing to talk about the plan, they've already signed contracts worth $1.3 billion and won't pay the tab for any cancellation fees.

The government has also suggested that they'll only negotiate if city council approves Ford's plan, but the new mayor made it clear that he doesn't need the 44-member council's support.
A couple of hours before his swearing-in ceremony:
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says city council never voted on Transit City and that he will work with the province to scrap the transportation plan.

Ford made the comments after meeting Tuesday morning with Premier Dalton McGuinty for the first time since he was elected.

"There was never a vote on council for Transit City. And if there was I'd like to see it," Ford told reporters after the meeting.

... It's unclear if Ford's comments about council votes on Transit City are related to the initial adoption of the transportation strategy. Council didn't vote on that, but did vote several times on individual components of the plan over the last two years.
So, in just a few hours, Rob Ford goes from complaining about how Toronto's city council never voted on Transit City, to deciding that he doesn't need council's support for his plans. Way to change how City Hall works, Rob.

On top of that, he brings in Don Cherry, an eccentric multi-millionaire, to talk about how Ford has kicked the elitists out of City Hall. Irony seems to be lost on these people.

It's going to be a fun four years, folks.


  1. But, it appears that the pink faced mayor has a convenient short term memory--apparently, council did vote for Transit City, Ford included.


  2. So, you're telling me that he's not only contradicting himself, he's contradicting himself on a wrong that he made up by himself? That's new.