Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our very own Sarah Palin

You may not know it by looking at him, but Randy Hillier is Canada's Sarah Palin.

I don't just mean by politics, or demeanour, and certainly not by attractiveness. Hillier and Palin have one big thing in common: they like to set their own party brethens against one another.

Much like Palin and her escapades in Delaware, Alaska, and quite a few other races, Hillier, the Progressive Conservative MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, has stepped into several riding nomination races in order to boost the rural/libertarian Ontario Landowners Association (a group he headed up before), and their chances of nominating a candidate in ridings in Eastern Ontario. The biggest one people have talked about to date has been Carleton-Mississippi Mills, where Norm Sterling, a fairly moderate PCer, has been a target of the OLA and Hillier, and where they recently attempted a takeover of the riding association (and failed). But, relatively new MPP Steve Clark, and 2006er Lisa MacLeod, have also been fighting off challenges from these Tea Party wannabes.

And, sticking with the Palin analogy it seems, PC Leader Tim Hudak is brushing it off as "democracy," much like the Republicans did down south, while most likely privately worrying about the impact on his chances of winning power. While the Republicans down south managed a strong win in the House despite the right-wingery of some members (they also failed to win seats as well), the same may not end up be true for Hudak, though who really knows. The reality is Hudak is facing somewhat of a revolt on his eastern flank, as Hillier attempts to be Palin and upset what he sees as the "status-quo." Hudak can't afford that, so what he does, remains to be seen, but lets hope he does something.

But for now, move on over, Shelly Glover - Canadian conservatives/right-wing nut jobs have a new messiah to look forward to. He may not be Jesus, and he may sound like a complete idiot at times, but by God, he'll return Ontario to what its founders envisioned, because he's Randy Hillier, and if he can't do it, then who cares, someone else is probably more qualified anyways.


  1. Repeatedly deploying character assassination, hyperbolic language or phrases: the use of "nut job" because they don't agree with your political ideology is a becoming evident in the downward spiral of discourse on Lib blogs.

    I have a few groups that have OCD with canned ham and call for censorship.

    Sara Palin, Randy Hillier, Shelly Glover all have families and children do you really think this post in any way helps your team?

  2. CS,

    Do you honestly take everything at face-value? Half the things I, or most bloggers, say is hyperbole, the rest various mixtures of truth, reality, and amusing facts. If given the chance, most of these people would, and a good portion of them do, deploy the same tactics.

    I have no problem being respectful when the need arises, but give me a break, will you?

  3. It should have been spelled groupies.

    It's cool to poke fun at your opponents, especially when they provide an easy target but the attacks are losing their effect if your team fails to offer a credible alternative.

    Things may look desperate, especially if the CPC pull the plug just before XMAS.

    I look forward to your analysis of issues and your worldview and less of the "mental health" of your MPs. I will leave that to the professionals and their families.

  4. Is this my first post being critical of your language-word choice as over the top of your 100+ posts?

    Rebuttal on Post

    From most objective analysis's, the Tea Party movement has been wildly successful for Republicans. Not 100%, remember all the experts on the state of the Republican Party after Democrats took all three branches?

    Managing expectations will be a challenge. I am not sure the old guard in the Republicans and Democrats get it.I don't think many of us bloggers get it, transformation in the US because it is NOT done. It is easy to dismiss something that is in process and throwing out the traditional models and predictions.

    Sara Palin does not lead or control it. (She may wish to, try to direct it, benefit from it as it grows in strength).

    The Mid terms results were significant. (You should include the loss of Democrats in other areas including state control) The swing or purge has not been repeated since 1938.

    Making fun of Ignatieff or Harper dancing, boneheaded policy, statement is easy.

    Here is a post that I would like you to read. It is NOT about a political party.

    My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice ....

    This has bigger ramifications than Left vs Right in my opinion.

  5. CS,

    I'm not quite sure what you're rebutting to. That the mid-terms were a big sign? I don't think I ever denied that, just maybe that is isn't as anti-Democratic or pro-Republican as people think. Never said anything else, aye.

  6. Your name is an OxyMoron C.S. ... you delight in deliberately misleading AND pointless blather. Please do us all a favour and get yourself some hobbies where you can get more oxygen !!!