Sunday, December 19, 2010

Newly-elected GOP congressperson accused of Washington-style corruption... before he gets to Washington

In one of the more ironic moments of this year, Representative-elected David Rivera (R-FL) of Florida's 25th District (think of it as the giant Everglades region just outside of Miami), who was elected just recently in the 2010 mid-terms over Democrat Joe Garcia, 52-42, has already managed to land himself accusations of corruption concerning $500K he took from a dog racetrack owner in exchange for his pushing of some ballot initiative in the Miami-Dade County concerning slot-machines during his time as a Florida State Rep.

Rivera, though he was never endorsed by the Tea Party (that went to some little-known also-ran candidate in FL-25), certainly would have deserved it, being an outspoken candidate again corruption, pork politics, and wasting taxpayer's dollars, also signing the Club for Growth's little pledge against all that stuff - you know, what the Republicans said. It seems, however, either this was all said with fingers crossed, or he was just bald-faced lying to voters and media. That's good politics right there.

And here people think the new Republican Congress will change how things are done in Washington. Pft.

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