Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Larry Smith to run for Tories

Also in the news: no one really cares what Larry Smith does, except the CBC.

But yes, it's true: newly appointed Senator for Quebec Larry Smith will run as a Conservative in the next election, meaning he'll probably be a Senator for a grand total of *maybe* six months, but probably less. The man clearly isn't taking his job in the chamber of sober second thought very seriously, much like Michael Fortier. Good pick, Stephen!

Smith will run in the riding of Lac-Saint-Louis, in an attempt to oust Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia. LSL is the westernmost riding on the Montreal Island, and has voted Liberal since its creation in 1996, and its predecessor riding, Lachine--Lac-Saint-Louis, was actually the riding of Mulroney cabinet minister Bob Layton, Jack Layton's father, from 1984 to 1988. Scarpaleggia has been the riding's MP since 2004, succeeding Clifford Lincoln. He was initially elected with 64% of the vote, but that dropped to 48% in 2006, and 46% in 2008. However, even in 2008 he had an 11,000-vote margin over Conservative Andrea Paine, who lost 46.4% to 23.5%, or 23,842 votes to 12,085 votes.

In other words, Smith has his work cut out for him. That 23% margin works out to a nearly 12% swing needed, nearly twice the swing that Fantino needed in Vaughan to overtake the Liberals. Hm. I dunno how popular Larry Smith is, but I don't see him in the House anytime soon, unless Harper starts appointing members (you never know).

Nevertheless, Scarpaleggia may have a fight on his hands. He's an excellent MP, a great advocate for water policy (something we Canadians need to have a conversation on), and a good representative on the Hill. He voted against same-sex marriage, but hey, he never hid his intentions, and much like other Liberals who voted against SSM, like John McKay or Derek Lee, he still makes up an important part of the Liberal caucus. Let's show him support no matter what person challenges him.


  1. Same sex marriage isn't a deal breaker in the WASPY NIMBY West Island. I'm sure most of these people still disown their LGBT children if ever discovered. I'm ashamed to admit that I spent half my childhood there. I hope I've redeemed myself.

    Don't underestimate Larry Smith. Big hometown football hero. The Waste Island WASPs would be tickled pink!! I don't it'll be that hard for him to be elected. Like anywhere else these days, they too love their big shiny things in the form of sports heroes.

    Plus, conservatism & Harpercon cheerleading on the West-Island is on the rise in a big way. Their way of getting back at lefty French separatists I guess...listen to CJAD on Tommy Schnurmacher's show between 9AM and Noon week-days and listen to those wingnut callers.

    Oh yeah! It must be kept an eye on!

  2. CK,

    It'll be kept an eye on, to be sure, but do you really think all these people will vote out Scarpaleggia,an understandably conservative Liberal whose served them for a long time now, for Larry Smith, who seems to be two chickens short of a full pen?