Saturday, December 4, 2010

The High Road

Today's Globe and Mail offers an examination of contradictory statements, courtesy of Julian Fantino and Jane Taber.

The first two paragraphs went something like this:
For 30 days Julian Fantino held his tongue, campaigning as the Conservative candidate in the suburban Toronto riding of Vaughan, surviving on pizza and trying to ignore the Liberal attacks.

He had vowed to take the high road during his campaign – and he did. 
 Then, somewhere down the line, Taber seems to have forgotten her first two paragraphs, then publishes this Fantino comment:
“I think they [the Liberals] intended to hurt my campaign. The things they said ... a lot of them were absolute lies. They keep repeating [them]. I call it the Hitler Theory. You tell a lie often enough you hope that some people will believe it.
Forget for a minute that the statement doesn't make sort of sense - lying is now the sole domain of Hitler? - and remember the first two paragraphs of the article, and ask yourself whether comparing the Liberals to Hitler is "the high road."

Then again, if Julian Fantino tells a lie often enough, he must assume someone will believe it. Apparently that person was Jane Taber, not surprising, given her ability to turn nonsense into widely-praised articles, without ever actually getting rid of the nonsense.


  1. Nice catch BLUNT ... JANE TABER is a confirmed LIGHT WEIGHT !!!

  2. Fantino may have meant to compare how the Liberals repeated he was afraid and in hiding.

    Godwin's law itself can be abused, as a distraction, diversion or even censorship, that fallaciously miscasts an opponent's argument as hyperbole, especially if the comparisons made by the argument are actually appropriate.

    The fact he denied the Liberal press an opportunity like Ford, Harper does not mean it is hiding. Fantino was available to ethnic and the local press.
    The Toronto Star, CBC and Globe were shut out during the campaign.
    Fantino did participate in the Rogers local community debate.

    Fantino also suggested JT last minute video was a stretch.

    Did you expect an eloquent rebuttal from a Rhodes scholar such as Bob Rae, wrong guy?

    I believe he put JT and the Liberals on notice about playing small politics with him and he will be pushing back now.

    This is also not a defence of Jane Taber who will fill her column with anything including QP.

    When JT gives your team or Pat Martin paragraphs of talking points I don't see the criticism.

    It was really impressed how she seemed to protect Justin Trudeau behaviour via Shelly Glover or bad jokes about "private parts".

    Can you imagine her providing cover for the other team for a tasteless joke or rude behaviour?

  3. CS,

    I've yet to even see JT defend the Liberals or the NDP, but then again, I don't pay enough attention to her to care. If he does defend stupidity, from any party, I would not be surprised.

  4. Dont worry Volkov, CS kind of lives in a filtered world. Saying anything less than Harper is dreamy is defending the liberals in her world.

  5. How do you claim the high road on one hand, and say nothing about your CPC colleagues claiming the LPC leader is playing race politics based on a WFP article that was retracted because it misquoted said LPC leader?

    Answer - you can't. IF Fantino wanted to take the high road he would not have run for the CPC.

    "Fantino may have meant to compare how the Liberals repeated he was afraid and in hiding."

    Well duh. That is because he was afraid and he was hiding. I suspect he believes if he repeats his lies often enough people will start believing him. Clearly you do.