Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Persichilli...

I know that you like to take any swipe possible at the Liberal Party you can, and apparently Justin Trudeau is the newest target for that switch of yours, but I just have to wonder: should it really be considered a failure on Trudeau's part that he helped bring a candidate close to defeating another candidate you literally called "unbeatable" in one of your articles?

It seems to me that Tony Genco, whom I doubt you ever thought to be a "credible" candidate to face the "unbeatable" Fantino, coming within just a hair's breadth of stopping that overwhelming force, deserves some recognition for his ability. And it seems to me that you should give such recognition before you ever decided to write anything about the by-elections, because after all, a modest journalist is a better one, right?

Or, is picking on Trudeau, without all the facts, getting you more readership? I never would think you to be a shill sell-out, willing to write about anything, even if it has zero basis in reality, but....

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