Friday, December 31, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: The Democrats made me spend your money on myself

Christine O'Donnell, the 2010 Delaware Senate candidate for the Republicans, a masturbation abstinence advocate who is totally not a witch, and totally didn't destroy the GOP in Delaware, is in just a bit of hot water after the Federal Elections Commission made public their decision to investigate accusations that O'Donnell spent money sent to her campaign for her own personal uses, including to pay her rent.

O'Donnell's response? "It's the Democrats trying to beat us anti-establishmenters down!"

Yes, the famed not-a-witch, who doesn't know anything about the constitution and allowed a little-known Democratic candidate keep Delaware blue despite being the overwhelming underdog against O'Donnell's primary candidate, former governor and Representative Mike Castle, claims that the Democratic Party is orchestrating the investigation in order to discredit her, and the Tea Party, in an apparent attempt to protect President Obama's 2012 prospects.'Cause she didn't discredit herself already, apparently...

Here's O'Donnell's statement to the press:
“Since anonymous sources are being taken seriously, please allow me to share some tips I’ve received and keep the tipsters' identities anonymous. We’ve been warned by multiple high-ranking Democrat insiders that the Delaware Democrat and Republican political establishment is jointly planning to pull out all the stops to ensure I would never again upset the apple cart. 

“Specifically they told me the plan was to crush me with investigations, lawsuits and false accusations so that my political reputation would become so toxic no one would ever get behind me. I was warned by numerous sources that the DE political establishment is going to use every resource available to them. 

“So given that the King of the Delaware Political Establishment just so happens to be the Vice President of the most liberal Presidential administration in U.S. history, it is no surprise that misuse and abuse of the FBI would not be off the table.  And further connecting the dots, do you think it is just a coincidence that Melanie Sloan was a senior Biden staffer just before she joined CREW and filed her complaint against me?!

“I have faith that our supporters and the general public will see right through these thug tactics. This is simply an Establishment trick to stop the anti-establishment Tea Party movement in its tracks.

“Heck, the Presidency is at stake in 2012.”

Yes, it's all about her and the Tea Party movement, being attacked by Democratic and Republican insiders, the latter of whom just coasted back from the brink of oblivion thanks to the Tea Party. Though, in the Delaware GOP's case, she helped push them back towards it, thanks to her idiotic notion that she is electable. The Delaware Senate not only helped ruin chances of a GOP Senate takeover, they also lost Delaware's House district to the Democrats, thanks to another Tea Party favourite, Glen Urquhart, who was just as nutty as O'Donnell. It was held before by Mike Castle. Go figure.

And the great news? She's starting a political action committee (PAC). She's going to entrench herself! Maybe she'll run for President. Can't be any worse than Sarah Palin, right?

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