Monday, December 6, 2010

Carole James resigns as BC NDP leader

Just as I predicted:
Carole James is stepping down as leader of British Columbia's New Democratic Party after seven years at the helm.
At a brief news conference Monday morning at the legislature in Victoria, James said she felt she had become the excuse for infighting within the party, and added that she wanted to remove that excuse so the NDP could concentrate on policy.
As I said before, James would not be BC's next NDP Premier, and she would resign, or be kicked out, before she even had the chance. As the ascendant party in BC right now, the collapse of James' leadership is not a good sign for the NDP. They're vulnerable, just as vulnerable as the Liberals are right now. Perfect opportunity for a party to rise in this vacuum, no?

It shant be the Greens, either. They have no leadership to speak of, and Jane Sterk has not and will not impress anyone. The BC Conservatives, however, have an opportunity, if they can get a new leader that is effective. Their leadership position is currently vacant.

But, there you have it; the two main parties are in turmoil, with no leadership to speak of, and no real leaders on the horizon to speak of, while the third parties could, and most likely will, surprise us with something or someone.

Ah, it's like the good old days of BC politics. It'll be an interesting year ahead.

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