Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blog stats November

November was a good month for my humble little blog, netting 7,183 views according to Blogger's stats counter. That's more views than any other month since I started.
As well, according to Google Analytics, which I installed for this blog beginning late October, November saw 2,680 unique visitors to my blog. Not bad at all, I think. Means that it isn't just CanadianSense visiting my blog several thousand times.

The top post was an unsurprising one: Small Dead Animals helped me net at least 1,000 new visitors with one post alone, which I have to thank once again for. Without the support of shrill Conservatives, this blog could never be successful.

Now, this isn't all for tooting my own horn, either. It just goes to show that if people think you have something interesting to say, you'll get traffic. My blog might not be hilariously sought out, but aggregators like Liblogs and ProgBlogs have helped me out a lot. About 75% of traffic on the blog is from referrals, and its always good to see that. I'm very grateful to be apart of the Canadian blogging community.

The other 25% comes from Google searches, sometimes for the most random things, specifically this picture on my blog, stolen from the opening credits of Dr. Who, which seems an immensely popular search for some reason. At one point as well, I was fighting with the official NDP websites for position in Google searches on their Vaughan candidate, Kevin Bordian, whom I never wrote much about, but got hits on nevertheless. Unfortunately now I'm on the 3rd page of results, but at one time I was on the first page, just below the NDP. That was fun. Friendly reminder of how irrelevant Mr. Bordian's candidacy was.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who takes time to read my blathering on various subjects in politics. I appreciate the views, the commentary, and the mentions (such as this one from Warren Kinsella in the Ottawa Sun), and I hope we can all continue this for awhile yet.


  1. That's good news, grats. Must be the Harper in the cowboy suit!

    FYI take an occasional shot at your team for a stupid move it will bring evil CPC-NDP to your post!

    In a respectful manner refute the Conservative blog post with your idea. Several Conservatives have interesting blog posts. It is very difficult to engage Liberal bloggers as they allow too much name calling, personal attacks from Liberal partisans to destroy any exchange.

    Koby-Maple Three has some provoking views. He does not mince words against Libs-PC-NDP.

    Best of luck. I find my graphs are popular downloads. I regularly link to Pundits Guide and Conservative bloggers.

  2. CS,

    I've seen Koby's blogs and, provoking yes, but I get the feeling he is more of a contrarian than anything else.

    Anyways, I'm not surprised you link often to Conservative bloggers. I'll be doing that in the future as well, just not with Conservative bloggers... I can't find any of them interesting.

  3. I have linked to Glen Pearson, Macleans Wherry, Paul Wells or a few Liberal bloggers but don't need to take a cheap shot "nothing of interest".

    It is good to include a paragraph and post your support or rebuttal. Dismissing your opponent is not a strategy I would recommend for Liberals.

  4. CS,

    There's something to be said about debating a viewpoint, but quite another to debate the viewpoint by yourself. Engaging in blog wars is fun enough, but all I intend to do is provide some of my opinions. If I find something else I dislike or want to debate, which I have before, especially during that entire coalition/merger talk, then so be it. But, otherwise, meh.