Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Best of Blunt Objects in 2010

I haven't been doing this blogging thing for long, but my humble little site has served me well, and it's been a fun experience so far, one I hope to repeat as we come into 2011, and beyond. Given the fact that there's a whole bunch of confirmed elections this coming year, I'll certainly enjoy myself.

But, here's the top five posts on my blog as chosen by me. I took into consideration the amount of views they got, how good of a conversation it started, and how I felt about it personally. Enjoy!

#1: Harper should take heed of the results south of the border
This little post got 1,327 views, over 700 unique visits, and lots of comments. Mostly because it was posted on Small Dead Animals for the purpose of mocking what I thought was a relatively strong point about anti-incumbency. To this day I still get stragglers from Kate's archives. And yes, I still stand by my analysis.

#2: Vote? Yes. Change? Don't bet on it.
I include this because this was the post that apparently caught Warren Kinsella's eye and he quoted part of in a post in the various Sun newspapers. I'm not a fan of the Sun, and not always a fan of Kinsella, but I appreciate the quote, and the sentiment, nonetheless. It's also a fairly moving piece for myself.

#3: Fuck you, Harper
During the G20 protests, I was very upset, visibly so. I wrote this short post up in a slight fit of rage, and it netted me lots of looks and lots of comments, also quite a few thumbs-up on ProgBlogs. But, that one moment of passion at seeing the city I grew up in engulfed in chaos because of one man's stupid decisions forced me to vent, and this was the result. Juvenile, maybe, but no one screws with Toronto and gets away with it. Then we elected Rob Ford...

#4. Vaughan to be the first Conservative riding in the GTA!...?
This post was fun because of its clear obviousness and how most of the media seemed oblivious to it. However, I managed a sort-of  Twitter mention from Susan Delacourt, though not so directly. Not bad for that little post.

#5: Dipper bloggers are getting a little paranoid
This was a short but fun post, where I got to poke fun at the NDP, and they got fairly defensive (and a little angry). Good times.

That's all. I hope everyone's had a fantastic Christmas/whatever you celebrate, and I look forward to more blogging in the new year!

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