Thursday, December 2, 2010

$1 Billion later, the Tea Party must be kicking itself right now

Apparently, Congress' "Tea Party Caucus," a grouping of 52 Republican Congresspeople, managed to get just over $1 billion in earmarks during the 2010 Fiscal Year. That's 764 earmark requests with a grand total of $1,049,783,150, or $20,188,138 per member.

Now, I may have missed the lecture on earmarks at Beck University, but I swear that if there is one thing Tea Partiers vilify, it's congressional earmarks. I can't imagine that $1 billion worth of earmarks from their supposed Tea Party caucus is any exception.

So, Tea Partiers, I say you call up each of those 52 congresspeople, including such names as Joe Wilson, Pete Sessions, Michelle Bachmann, and tell them to personally repay the American taxpayers $20.2 million each, or resign from the "Tea Party caucus" until they do. After all, if you can't have their allegiance to principles, why should they have your support?

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