Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"We're meant to be the socialists"

The above quote comes from Australian Labor MP Michael Danby, who is apart of their House's foreign affairs committee. It's in regards to the irony that Canada's Conservatives, whose predecessors brought about various FTA agreements and fought, ranted, and raved about free trade, are blocking a very common business practice in a clear cut case of protectionism. It's actually quite accurate. It's like we got our very own NDP government!

Now, I can't really criticize the decision, because I'm more or less leaning in the direction that it was the right one, and after all, the federal Liberals pressed hard for this decision to be made. I have reservations about it, but it's water under the bridge - for now.

Yet, like Mr. Danby, I can't get over the irony of the Conservative's moves. I know supposedly all about populism with them, especially in their Western base, but this decision offends almost every basic economic principle out there that defines modern conservatism. I can see the Liberals doing this, sure. For the Dippers, it's natural. But the Conservatives? The Harper Conservatives? That's just weird. Anyone else think so?


  1. I think Harper maybe finally understood what was right thing to do after the Primer of Saskatchewan told him that it would be beneficially for the province to keep it.

  2. Maybe. Or, maybe, he wants some votes. Clement's insistence on keeping the door open is a sign that they're not completely willing to back down from a standard mantra of modern conservatism: "Thou shalt not interfere with business."

  3. Auto bailout and massive stimulus as per G20 recommendations in December ring a bell?