Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michelle Bachmann - GOP Chair?

Michelle Bachmann, who is known for wanting to possibly investigate Democratic members of Congress for ill-defined "unAmerican activities," as well as wanting to create a "Tea Party caucus" within the GOP (and wanting to head that caucus), may end up running to be the Republican Conference Chair, after current Chairman Mike Pence said he would step down.

It's not confirmed, but if it did happen, I'll tell you something right now - it's not going to be pretty. Bachmann is a fairly ruthless, uncompromising personality that is more likely to use the position as a simple launchpad for her career to somewhere else, rather than work to ensure the day-to-day operations of the Republican Congress are stable and maintained. Pence, who though similar to Bachmann in a lot of ways, helped keep the pack of the GOP together and unified under some trying times. Bachmann is more likely to go on a witch hunt of remaining GOP moderates than do anything to ensure the stability of the GOP. I'm not saying she is likely to cause big fractures and tumble Congressional favourability down to nearly 0, but, simply, it ain't going to be pretty.

Whether or not Bachmann actually goes for it, remains to be seen. However, she's going to be a pain in the side of presumed-Speaker-elect John Boehner, as quite a few of these new "Tea Party" candidates will. More on that later.


  1. Jennifer Conelly did not win, so no witchcraft this time. I did enjoy the fact her character was attacked by the MSM for her indiscretion at a teenager in examining this pagan religion. Religious intolerance seems to be a political goldmine for the left.

    It appears the Whitehouse may try to use regulation without funding them in Congress to deal with agenda.

    We may have Gridlock unless the Obama administration is will to change course. The voters want spending brought under control. Clinton was able to recover by moving to the centre and got re elected.

  2. I assume you mean Christine O'Donnell, no? And she brought it on herself with that ridiculous ad, "I'm not a witch." It's not necessarily "religious intolerance," it's the fact that O'Donnell was just an idiot.

    And make no mistake, Boehner has to move too. If they stick to their guns the entire way through, they're going to face some big issues. Gingrich realized this early on, and was able to work with Clinton as they both shifted more towards the centre. Obama and Boehner have to as well, or America truly is screwed.

  3. Yep was thinking of Beautiful mind....

    As I was alluding to paganism is an old world religion. Some do practice it today.

    I don't think it makes sense to call people we don't like or agree with idiots as it does NOTHING to advance the debate.

    Rob Ford was called many things, and the largest number of voters turned up to give him a substantial victory over the high school dropout the experts wanted.

    America will survive the Obama administration. I will survive the Republican congress.

    Unless you believe we are doomed in 2012 or Al Gore Global Warming stuff.

  4. Never heard of the Russian professor's predictions about Obama being the last US President because capitalist forces, in the form of the GOP, the Tea Party, and Rupert Murdoch, will rip apart the country, literally? No need for 2012 there.

    Anyways, I don't call O'Donnell an idiot because I don't agree with her. I really think she's just not too bright.

  5. The MSM and punditry labeled G.W.B with same brush. Think about it.

    These are people who have won the support of other people and REAL money for their candidacy. It is poor form to attack the character of person only and not the issue.

    Common Sense is in short order in many circles, I can speak to that fact in many circles of higher education and government.

    Ignatieff is wrong on F35 because of history of Liberals playing politics on the back of our military. (Issue based criticism) His advisers are holding him to tight and not letting him be himself. He does not match the oratory skills of Bob Rae.

    It is demeaning to the supporter of O'Donnel, Bush and Ford to infer their choice is dim, dull or a bigot. (Holds true for someone knocking your favourite team, stick to facts)

    Many in the left don't understand that it is insulting to suggest your opinion is the only opinion that matters. (Arrogance and elitism)

  6. CS,

    I have no problem with O'Donnell, Bush, or Ford, and their right to have opinions. Seriously, I like other's opinions, makes things interesting.

    I just seriously, honest-to-God believe that Christine O'Donnell is not fully there. I'd give credit to Bush, I don't think he's stupid. He can make dumb decisions, ones I don't agree with, but so can I. And Ford, well, let's leave that for another post.

    But, seriously - O'Donnell is just not the brightest bulb in the ceiling. Honest opinion.

  7. It appears you don't get the context. The progressive or Liberals feel they are entitled to discount and use a brush on people that don't hold a similar view.
    This is not an isolated case but almost the first rule of thumb adopted in their tactics.

    Dismiss the others an uninformed or less capable to come to the best solution as viewed by the progressive.

    You don't see that as inherent bias or weakness in the liberal worldview.

    This is why us skeptical people labeled "deniers" in regulations and taxes as proposed by the UN or national government will not solve the theory of Global Warming.

    There is no room for dissenting opinion or questioning of assumptions they hold true.

    From my perspective the ideological warriors are NOT the right of centre people but the left of centre partisans.

    I don't hear the right of centre declaring the science is settled and I can't find a socialist state that has created a utopia that has lifted the boats for all.

  8. Yeah, see, CS, I have no idea what tangent you're going on. All I've said is that I consider O'Donnell an idiot.

    I've met a fair share of people from all walks of life and in every spectrum that act as you say. It's by no means limited to one group, in any major or minor way. A good portion of people, CS, are simply arrogant, sure-of-themselves, mean-spirited, a-holes. And it doesn't matter what ideology they ascribe to. They're just like that.